Our Products


These are just some of the brands we use...

A quality finished product begins with using top of the line marine brands such as the ones you see listed here...


The CLEAR choice in PTFE thread. Strength that lasts...Gore Tenara sewing thread will outlast the fabric into which it is sewn... NEVER RESEW AGAIN!

 Guaranteed to last in writing, GoreTenara thread will not lose any significant strength due to UV or chemical exposure unlike conventional polyester, nylon and cotton products as shown by the graph below.


Applications: ​


                                                              Marine enclosures

                                                               Marine upholstery

                                                               Boat covers



                                                               Architectural structures

                                                               ​Pool covers  


We use No. 10 YKK Vislon Zippers for strength and durability...

 YKK No.10, No.8 and No.5 Vislon separating zippers are extremely strong and lightweight, and differ from conventional zippers because the "teeth" are made from Delrin and the tape is polyester. Because of the unique properties of the Vislon zipper, it has a wide variety of industrial, consumer and military applications where environmental conditions reduce the effectiveness of metal/nylon zippers. 


The Vislon zipper is corrosion resistant, self lubricating and operates smoothly despite mud, sand etc. The color is an integral part of the molding material, creating a finish that does not rub off, peel or chip.

The Vislon zipper has excellent resistance to heat ( up to 182C ) and to cold ( down to -50C ) and melts at 248C, which is 65 degrees higher than normal laundry temperature. Resistance to chemicals further extends the use for the Vislon zipper beyond the scope of conventional metal/nylon zippers. 


Lexan is a rigid polycarbonate plastic sheeting, ideal for marine windshields.

Lexan is more commonly used on Dodger windows because of its rigidity which holds its shape around the sharper curves of most dodgers.


Where durability,clarity and lack of distortion are demanded in a clear vinyl sheeting.


The superiority of Crystal Clear and StrataGlass is immediately obvious to the eye...no hazy blueness, no fish eye, no dimples and no distortion.

These  window types come in a number of gauges, from 10G to 40G and are also available in tinted sheeting to meet  all your vinyl window requirements and can be rolled up to allow for ventilation as needed.



While already a recognizable name in performance fabrics in the awning market, in the mid 1970's boaters soon discovered the good looks and durability of Sunbrella fabrics for boat tops, sail covers and marine upholstery. With its durable and easy cleaning properties, it was a natural fit to meet marine needs. Around the world today, Sunbrella is the No.1 fabric choice for power boaters and sailors, enjoying universal name recognition synonymous with quality and durability! 

The right half of the picture has  Double Polished Crystal Clear window, the left half has no window


The right half of this picture is taken through a Crystal Clear Window while the left half has no window......as you can see, it is difficult to tell which one is the window.